Thursday, 11 October 2012

Feel like such a tit omg

Right so I've had this crush on this lad for like God knows how long, and he is always saying how 'cute' I am and how much he 'loves' me.
So, I decided to tell him today how I felt about him, and so I did, and all he said was "aww" what the actual fuck? Like what the hell do I do now? For one thing I feel like a complete tit or telling him this and him just saying 'aww' but for the other, I don't understand why he was acting like he did actually like me and shit, I mean he can't just have been being nice right? I don't understand at all omg, why am I such a bellend!?

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Giving up.

I don't understand my feelings you know. I don't even know how to flirt anymore, you have RUINED me. Everything seems to be going wrong for me at the moment, and it's ever since my feelings for you came back.


Definitely come to the conclusion that you don't care anymore, literally don't know what to do. Idgi are there instruction booklets for lads, or do you just carry on stabbing at the dark. I swear I feel like ripping all my hair out and throwing it at you sometimes.

Sunday, 1 July 2012


Before I start, I'd like to dedicate this post to my best friend, she means everything to me. And god only knows where I'd be if I didn't have her! I admire her so much, because she is so beautiful and confident and I respect that more than anything.

The one thing I have struggled with my whole life is confidence. I was bullied from an early age for being 'fat' and 'ugly', which has taken a major toll on the way I act now.
It's hard growing up in this generation, in which the most important thing to everyone is appearance. It is drilled into us so much that I wouldn't even dream of leaving the house without makeup, even though there's nothing particularly wrong with my skin, same goes for my friends.
Isn't this wrong?
People's perception of beauty is way off.

Curvaceous girls > Skinny stick insects

Love and best wishes; unidentified-bitch xxx

A new sanctuary!

Sooooo glad I was introduced to this site. It's been so long since I have felt I can say what I feel, without being questioned on who/what it's about.
I used to use twitter and tumblr, but it seems nowhere is safe from people I know or am related to, which bothers me deeply.

Love and best wishes; unidentified-bitch xxx